• Your Primitive Candles are handmade/hand poured with beeswax. This will give your candle a better, cleaner and longer burning time. It is very important to burn your candles long enough every time.

• Get in the habit of trimming your wick to ¼ inch and rotating your candles before every use. This adjusts for the natural airflow in your home, and will allow your candles to burn more evenly and more consistently, extending their life.

• The burning time will be determined by the size of your candle, and should burn till there is a ¼ inch lip around the outer edge of your candle. Always get in the habit of burning your candle for the same amount of time each time. This practice will add hours to the life of your candles.

• Burn taper candles for a maximum of 2 hours at a time.

• If your candle smokes or flickers a lot, this means there is too much airflow or the wick is too long. Simply put out the candle and cut wick to ¼ inch and relight or relocate.

• Rubbing your candles with a cotton or nylon cloth to clean them will restore the luster and enhance the fragrance.

• Never blow out a candle, simply push the wick in the pool of wax and pull it back out. This method will not let the candle smoke

• Please remember to never leave your burning candles unattended!

• The buyer is responsible for the burning of these candles.

You are the heart of our business. If there is any aspect of your PRIMITIVE CANDLE purchase that is not satisfactory, please let us know. We’ll do everything possible to make your experience one you’ll want to repeat and share with your friends.