I’d like to introduce you to Primitive Candles – Heirloom Treasures.

My name is Sharon Tangler, and I am a primitive candle maker. My style for dipping candles comes from the seventeenth and eighteenth century and uses the same era tools and kettle works. Heirloom Treasurers has been in the craft business, making, educating, and teaching the art of candle making for the past 26 years. I attend outdoor festivals all summer and also attend indoor shows for the Christmas season.

As a family run business, my husband, children, mother, father and I all work together doing what needs to be done. I design all my own patterns and we use old barn siding, rusty tin and poplar wood for the making of candle boxes and sconces.

The candles are in all different sizes and shapes and we use up to seven wicks in our candles. My husband is a machinist, and we designed all the molds used by Heirloom Treasures. Some of our shapes are pillars, balls, logs, squares, and primitive hearts and stars. The candles are made of beeswax, scented and colored throughout. To get the candles to be a primitive style, they go through many stages of dipping to add the bumpy texture and are finished off with an over dip of a darker color. I make my own potpourri from all natural botanicals, and they are scented the same as the candles.

I’ve been the recipient of numerous awards and ribbons; including first place it in Best of Show, Best of Booth, Best Overall, Best Demonstration, Best in Tools of the Era, and a member of Crafter of the Year in 2004.